Saturday, August 6, 2016

Kickstarters, Fundraisers and Other Announcements: Kerschbaum, Czap, and Essays on Bechdel

Here are a few fundraising-related announcements: Kevin Czap has already exceeded the goal for his interesting kickstarter for his 2017 collection of books to publish. Right now it's stretch goal time, which will pay more to artists Liz Suburbia, Kelly Kwang and Jessi Zabarski. Check it out.

One of the top humorists in the world, John Kerschbaum, suffered a fire that wiped out a lot of his possessions. There's a gofundme set up for Kerschbaum and his family, and I would urge folks to donate. They are getting close to their goal.

The writer and editor Janine Utell is putting out a December 1st deadline on a call for papers for a book on Allison Bechdel. Check out the specifics of the call here. There's a wide variety of topics related to Bechdel to tackle, so check it out.

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