Thursday, August 25, 2016

Announcing The AAEC and Satire Festival in Durham!

I will be attending and covering many of these events. Come on out!

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DURHAM, N.C. — Duke University and the Association of American Editorial 
Cartoonists (AAEC) will jointly host a political satire festival on 
Duke’s campus Sept. 22-24.

The three-day festival will feature panel discussions, screenings, 
student-cartoonist improv and sketch comedy performances, art 
exhibitions and more. Several of these events are free and open to the 

One topical issue to be explored is "Bathroom Humor: National 
Cartoonists Take on HB2." This will include a collection of visual 
commentary on sexual identity, gender stereotyping, the right to privacy 
and the appropriateness and practicality of government intervention in 
such matters. The collections will be shown at Horse & Buggy Press in 
downtown Durham from Aug. 19-Sep. 25 and in Duke’s Bryan Center from 
Sept. 20-25. There will also be an HB2 panel discussion with editorial 
cartoonists at 2 p.m. Sept. 23 in Reynolds Theater in Duke’s Bryan Center.

There will also be live cartooning on the Bryan Center Plaza from 
12:30-2 p.m. Sept. 22 and 23.

Two featured evening performances will take place in Page Auditorium and 
tickets are required. They are:

— Sketchy Comedy!, Thursday, Sept. 22, 8-9:30 p.m. Live sketch comedy 
and cartooning performances at Duke’s Page Auditorium. Hosted by Duke 
improv group “The Inside Joke,” the show will feature editorial 
cartoonists performing on stage while meeting deadlines. Cost: $10.

— An Evening with The Simpsons, Friday, Sept. 23, 7:30-9 p.m. Writers, 
directors and producers of the long-running TV show will share their 
stories and insights from their special contribution to American humor. 
Cost: $15.

Visit the Duke Box Office at or call (919) 684-4444 to 
purchase tickets.

The Duke Political Cartoon and Satire Festival is jointly sponsored by 
the AAEC; POLIS: The Center for Political Leadership, Innovation and 
Service; the DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy; and the 
Sanford School of Public Policy.

A complete schedule can be found at Here are the 


Unless otherwise noted, all events will take place in Reynolds 
Auditorium in the Bryan University Center. All panels and presentations 
on campus during the day are free and open to the public.

Panel: “Making Satire Great Again”
—Discussing the challenges, joys, and oddities of covering the first 
celebrity billionaire nominee and the first female nominee. Featuring 
Pulitzer winners Jack Ohman, David Horsey and friends.

Panel: “Likes, Loves and Lynch Mobs: Cartooning in the digital world of 
social media”
—Ann Telnaes and Joel Pett, among others, will share their experiences 
of viral cartoon controversies and death threats from the past year.

Live cartooning on the Bryan Center Plaza.
—Join Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher and other cartoonists as they draw in the wild.

Panel: “Cartoons and Cops”
—Cartooning on the #blacklivesmatter movement and the issues of police 
brutality, race and social justice. Featuring provocative cartoonists 
Keith Knight and Darrin Bell, and other guests.

Panel: “Finding the Elephant’s Funny Bone”
—Busting the myth that there is a humor gap among Republicans. Featuring 
some of the nation’s funniest conservative cartoonists.

Sketchy Comedy!
—Come to Duke’s Page Auditorium to see an exciting night of live sketch 
comedy and cartooning performances. Hosted by Duke University’s comedy 
troupe Inside Joke and improv group DUI, the show will feature your 
cartooning colleagues performing on stage meeting deadlines! Ticketed event.


Panel: “Small Hands and Big Hair”
—Dive into the art of political illustration and caricature in this 
crazy election year. Come and get inspired by a panel of nationally 
renowned illustrators and artists Victor Juhasz, Steve Brodner and Tom 

Live cartooning on the Bryan Center Plaza.
—Join Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher and other cartoonists as they draw in the wild.

Panel: “Bathroom Banter”
—A hard look at both sides of North Carolina’s House Bill 2 controversy, 
co-sponsored by the NC Humanities Council. Featuring the Charlotte 
Observers' Kevin Siers, with coordinating HB2 cartoon show in the lobby 
of the Bryan University Center.

Panel: “International Ink”
—Cartoonists GADO of Kenya, MK Perker of Turkey and Rod Emmerson of New 
Zealand discuss the challenges of being a visual satirist in today’s 
uncertain world.

Night of The Simpsons: A Celebration of Satire
— A team of directors, producers and writers from The Simpsons come to 
Page Auditorium. Caroline Omine, Jeff Westbrook, and Stewart Burns will 
share clips, discuss stories and provide insights from the longest 
running show on TV. Ticketed event.


Panel: “Facts and Comedy”
—Moderator Bill Adair will guide an engaging talk in White Lecture Hall 
with Adam Chodikoff, Senior Producer of The Daily Show; Naureen Kahn, 
Lead Researcher at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee; and Ishan Thakore, 
Fact-Checker, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Free and open to the public.

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In addition, the following exhibits are part of the 2016 Political 
Cartoon & Satire Festival, from August until October. All are free and 
open to the public.

"Dwane Powell: The Art of Politics
40 Years of Editorial Cartoons & Then Some"
Power Plant Gallery, American Tobacco Campus, Durham
September 13 – October 8

Cartoonist Dwane Powell has been a stalwart presence in the pages of The 
News & Observer from the late 1970s until today. This career 
retrospective encompasses the high (and low) points of a changing North 
Carolina, and takes a snarky, ink-stained look at the Tarheel state and 
beyond. From Jesse Helms to Pat McCrory, gun control to HB2, this 
exhibit is a perfect run up to this year's Presidential Election. "Dwane 
Powell: The Art of Politics" is part of the 2016 Political Cartoon and 
Satire Festival at Duke University, Sept. 22-24, and includes an 
artist's talk on Friday, Sept. 16.

Third Friday reception with Artist Talk at 6:30pm.

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Bathroom Humor: National Cartoonists Take on HB2 [2 locations!]
Horse & Buggy Press, Durham
August 19 – September 25

When Gov. McCrory signed House Bill 2 into law in March 2016, North 
Carolina was plunged into a swirling political and social maelstrom. The 
legal and economic effects of the so-called “bathroom bill” have 
reverberated across the state and nation ever since, and the controversy 
has provided ripe material for the country’s editorial cartoonists. The 
Association of American Editorial Cartoonists presents "Bathroom Humor," 
a collection of visual commentary on sexual identity, gender 
stereotyping, the right to privacy, women’s safety, and the practicality 
of government intervention in personal matters. The show, curated by 
Indy Week cartoonist Cullum Rogers, will be on display at two locations: 
Horse & Buggy Press in downtown Durham, Aug. 19-Sept. 25, and also on 
the campus of Duke University at the Bryan Center, Sept. 20-25.

Horse & Buggy Press, 401–B Foster St., Durham • • 

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"How I Learned to Draw: Cartoons from Five Decades by V.C. Rogers"
Horse & Buggy Press, Durham
August 27 – September 30

Long-time readers of various Triangle newspapers are familiar with the 
loose style and dry wit of cartoonist Cullum Rogers. Under the signature 
V.C. Rogers, he has been skewering politicians since the mid-1970s. The 
retrospective at Horse & Buggy Press traces Rogers' artistic growth from 
rank amateurism to near-competence through a selection of political 
cartoons from the Durham Morning Herald, the Spectator, the Independent 
Weekly and other publications. Rogers, a two-time winner of the 
Association of Alternative Newsmedia's award for cartooning, is also the 
co-host of the upcoming 2016 Political Cartoon and Satire Festival at 
Duke University, September 21-24.

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"THIS CAMPAIGN IS YUUUGE!: Cartoonists Tackle the 2016 Presidential Race"
Rubenstein Hall, Duke University
September – October 2016

On loan from the Tooneum in Pittsburgh, PA, "THIS CAMPAIGN IS YUUUGE!: 
Cartoonists Tackle the 2016 Presidential Race" is a collection of the 
best election year cartoons by American political cartoonists whose work 
regularly appears in major daily newspapers and online. The show 
features more than 50 original cartoons, prints and sketches on this 
year’s race for president, including work by Jack Ohman, Signe 
Wilkinson, Joel Pett, Matt Wuerker, Ann Telnaes, Matt Davies, Steve Sack 
and many more. The exhibit will be on display on the ground floor of 
Rubenstein Hall during office hours during the Political Cartoon and 
Satire Festival, and will remain up until sometime before election day.

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