Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TCJ Posts For May

Here are links to articles published at the Comics Journal website in the month of May:

The new edition of Dylan Horrocks' classic Hicksville.

Blaise Larmee's Xeric-funded debut graphic novel Young Lions.

The second issue of the Shitbeams On The Loose anthology, edited by Rusty Jordan and Dave Nuss.

Various comics by Francesca Cassavetti.

The Louisa May Alcott edition of Graphic Classics.

The minicomics of Caitlin Cass.

A minicomics roundup featuring Jim Rugg, William Cardini & Jim Burggraf, and the CANDY OR MEDICINE crew.

Mineshaft #35, edited by Everett Rand and Gioia Palmieri.

The fourth issue of Matthew Thurber's 1-800-MICE.

Dungeon: Twilight Volume 3, by Lewis Trondheim & Joann Sfar.

Brooke Allen's A Home For Mister Easter.

Eric Liberge's On The Odd Hours.

Salad Days and The Natural World #3, by Minty Lewis and Damien Jay, respectively.

Julia Gfrorer's Flesh and Bone.