Friday, August 29, 2014

High-Low Fall Fundraiser

Fans of High-Low with a few extra coins rattling around in their digital pockets might wish to consider donating to the site. I have a lot planned in the upcoming weeks, including a Comics-As-Poetry week, a week devoted to recent work by Josh Bayer, Michael DeForge and Sam Alden, SPX coverage and much more.

My family has continued to face health issues this past summer, though things are looking up now. Donations will help defray assorted hospital costs. I also plan to commission an artist to do background art for High-Low, and money will go to that cause as well. I continue to be enormously grateful to those who have donated in the past (I still have a pile of thank-you cards I'm filling out that's nearly as big as my review pile!) and am grateful in general to have a readership. Thanks for your consideration.

The donation button is to your right, if you are so moved.

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