Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fundraisers: Reklaw, Budnik

A couple of artists whose work I admire are doing modest fundraisers to get new books in print.

Jesse Reklaw's going to have his new book, LOVF, published by Fantagraphics. However, he's essentially proving them with the means to get this complicated, full-color freakout of a book in print as a sort of pre-order, including shipping costs and art supply costs. It will also give him enough money to finish the last forty pages of his book. His recent Couch Tag and the LOVF minicomic were both excellent and emblematic of an artist doing the best work of his long career.

Kevin Budnik is another autobio cartoonist whose work to date has been impressive, especially as he writes about his body image issues, eating disorder problems and anxiety. His modest kickstarter will collect his webcomics into a volume called Old Gum Wrappers and Grocery Lists.  Check it out.

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