Monday, December 2, 2013

Thirty Days of CCS: The Index

Thanks to all who read my "Thirty Days of CCS" feature, which was thirty days' worth of reviews of students and alums of the Center for Cartoon Studies.  Tom Spurgeon made the sensible suggestion of having an aggregate link post, so here we go with articles talking about 44 different cartoonists, not including the anthologies:

1.   Paul Swartz
2.   Sophie Goldstein
3.   Sasha Steinberg
4.   Laurel Lynn Leake
5.   Aaron Cockle
6.   Melissa Mendes
7.   Joseph Lambert
8.   Amelia Onorato
9.   Sean Ford, Chuck Forsman, Alex Kim, Dane Martin, JP Coovert, Sam Gaskin
10. April Malig
11. Josh Rosen
12. Joyana McDiarmid
13. Cole Closser
14. Penina Gal, Betsey Swardlick, Moody
15. Steve Seck, Pat Barrett, Garry Paul Bonesteel
16. Melanie Gillman, Allie Kleber
17. Jesse Mead, Carl Antonowicz
18. Lena Chandhok
19. Andy Warner, Adam Whittier, Josh Kramer 20. Beth Hetland, Colleen Frakes
21. Luke Healy, Max Riffner, Mathew New, Simon Reinhardt
22. Chuck Forsman
23. Bingo Baby (collaborative story)
24. Queerotica (anthology)
25. Max Mose, Rio Aubry Taylor, Casey Bohn, Bill Bedard
26. Awesome Sound, Can't Lose, Stranger Knights #4 (anthologies)
27. Luke Howard
28. Adventures in Cartooning, CCS Pamphlet, Jai Granofski, Ian Richardson, Dan Archer
29. Irene #3 (anthology)
30. Dakota McFadzean

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  1. That's fabulous! Thanks for taking your time to add the artists links.