Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Assorted Fundraisers and Sales: SAW, PictureBox, Hic & Hoc, Shalom Kenneth, Sophie Yanow

Let me mention a few worthy fundraisers and sales: The Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW), overseen by Tom Hart, is doing their annual fundraiser to expand their mission and make their classes more affordable. What Hart is doing in Gainesville with limited funds is remarkable and worthy of your support.

Visionary publisher PictureBox is shutting down operations, but not before offering many of their finest titles at a price designed to move: 50% off. I particularly recommend Matthew Thurber's 1-800-MICE (one of my favorite comics of all time) and his new Infomaniacs (a short-lister for book of the year).

Excellent, emerging publisher Hic & Hoc is also having a sale. I particularly recommend the books by Alabaster, dw, Philippa Rice and Dina Kelberman.

The excellent and innovative autobio cartoonist just had her laptop stolen, so please consider buying something from her shop (I recommend In Situ) to help make up for that loss.

Finally, the young Canadian cartoonist Shalom Kenneth is trying to raise funds for his book through kickstarter.

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