Saturday, July 27, 2013

Three Worthy Fundraisers: The Projects, SAW, Bonesteel

I'd like to point out a few worthy fundraisers related to comics. First, the innovative comics show The Projects (in Portland, OR) is in need of help. After being way behind in their goal, their fundraiser has rallied and is only a couple of grand away from making it. Here's more info on the Projects 2.

 Tom Hart of the wonderful Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW) in Gainesville passed along info on a History of Comics class taught by John Ronan. It's going to be an online course, and it looks well worth its price.

Finally, the cartoonist G.P. Bonesteel is raising funds to print a second volume of his hilarious Jason comic. I thought it was the funniest comic of his young cartooning career, and I'm eager to see the next volume. Here's more about his fundraiser.

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