Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Excellent Kickstarters:Steve Lafler and Dennis Eichorn

There are a couple of Kickstarter fundraisers that I really want to heartily recommend. First up is a collection of Steve Lafler's underground comics series Dog Boy, titled Doggie Style. The fundraiser is designed to build up some stock to sell ahead of print-on-demand. This is free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness weirdness with all sorts of crazy gags and scenarios.

The second is a Kickstarter by Tom Van Deusen, who will be publishing two issues of Real Good Stuff. This is all-new material written by Dennis Eichorn, whose 90s series Real Stuff was one of the premier venues for excellent and outrageous autobio stories with art by the cream of the alt-comics set. The art for the new comics will be done by a mix of new and old artists, including Jim Blanchard, Max Clotfelter, Mary Fleener, Sean Hurley, Aaron Lange, Pat Moriarity, Tom Van Deusen, and Noah Van Sciver. This has made its goal, but its stretch goals are still in play, with some interesting new rewards.

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  1. Thank you for sharing those projects. I jumped in on the Tom Van Deusen, Dennis Eichorn "Real Good Stuff". Love me some autobio stuff!

    OK HW