Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Couple of Worthy Projects Need Funding

I'm taking a break this week from new content, but I did want to point out a couple of interesting fundraising projects brought to my attention. The first is Matt Runkle trying to raise money to publish Runx Tales #3, a zine/comic that will be printed in color and with an expanded number of pages. Runkle has the unique talent of being able to bring alive the voices of others as well as his own personal narrative of living on the fringe of fringe culture as someone who is both "gay and broke".

The other comic worth your while is Deep In The Woods, a newsprint "double feature" with Nicholas Breutzman and Noah Van Sciver. This campaign is being run by 2D Cloud, one of my favorite of the new, interesting micropresses that's popped up in the last five years. Note that Raighne Hogan, who's heading up the Kickstarter, has said that if they make their modest goal of $1,000, it means that Van Sciver and Breutzman will get some money up front. Anyone who's read this column regularly knows how much I admire the work of both of those young cartoonists.

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