Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Crowdfundr for Fieldmouse Press

As you may know, one of my many hats is being a member of Fieldmouse Press, the publishing concern that puts out and just published its first book, Ariel Bordeaux's Clutter. I'm quite proud of that book, and I'm also quite proud of our upcoming Spring publishing season. 

For a variety of reasons, we have shifted away from using Kickstarter for our fundraising needs and have become the inaugural launch for Crowdfundr, a new fundraising entity. We're working directly with the folks running Crowdfundr, and we are extremely pleased with this collaboration. Here's a link to our fundraiser on Crowdfundr

We will be publishing two books and two minicomics this Spring season. The first book is Now And Other Dreams, by Daryl Seitchik. Daryl is an extremely talented young cartoonist who emerged nearly fully-formed, as readers of High-Low might remember. Nominated for an Eisner for her book Exits, Now bears some similarities to that narrative. Now is a collection of Seitchik's out-of-print dream comics and other surreal narratives. Told in her deadpan style that still allows for a number of expressive flourishes, Seitchik delves deep into her own thoughts, beliefs, trauma, and fears and comes out the other side. The collection also features two new stories. Her storytelling, line, and daring as a cartoonist feed into how she's able to create so many variations on her theme of exploring her subconscious. 

The second book is Good Person Trouble, by Noëlle Kröger, They are a fantastic German cartoonist and described this book as "Bertolt Brecht meets Judith Butler." Based loosely on Brecht's The Good Person Of Szechwan, the narrative examines trans and gender issues in an ingenious manner with characters that are anthropomorphic animals. This courtroom drama with a number of dramatic twists was translated by Natalye Childress, and it's Kröger's debut in English. 

The first mini is Magic Nation #1, by Ellen O'Grady. Ellen is a miraculous cartoonist who just started in the practice after years spent in other pursuits. Her sensitivity, her understanding of color, and the expressiveness of her characters are absolutely remarkable. This memoir of her childhood is meditative and evocative of the woods that meant so much to her. She's an instant memoir superstar. 

The second mini is Fish Out Of Water, by Phoebe Mol. This is yet another debuting artist, and Mol's arresting and grotesque character design and immersive storytelling style is reminiscent of artists like Juliacks. Her color sense is spectacularly vivid. 

I hope that you consider funding these books and preordering them through our Crowdfundr. Thanks for your consideration!

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