Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Emergency Fundraiser

In less pleasant news, there was a serious illness in my family the past few weeks, and it's had a cascading effect on being able to pay rent. I'm trying to raise about $2000 in the next few days. Donations are greatly appreciated, (Paypal: robcloughacc@gmail.com) but I also want to offer, if people are interested, hour-long zoom calls for any topic related to my expertise. Do you want a portfolio review? Do you want to discuss a specific comic? Care to chat about philosophy? Funky music? Basketball? Also, I will be offering up mini-comics grab-bags. I choose interesting minis: $15 gets you five minis, $25 gets you 10 minis, $50 gets you 25 minis.  

Also, for those who helped during last month's crisis, and indeed, have helped my family and I at any time, I want to express my profound thanks. It's life-changing. 

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