Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Mini-Kus! Wednesday: Liana Mihailova's Neverending Race

In mini-Kus! #81, Liana Mihailova's Neverending Race, there is once again a focus on shape and color over narrative. However, there is a narrative of sorts at work here, comparing dog handlers and their dogs for competitive dog shows. In a dizzying array of page layouts and unusual color choices, Mihailova lays out their mutual desire for challenges, feeling the need to put on a good show, and seeking out discipline. There are a lot of funny images in this comic, as the elongated and distorted figures of people morph into dog forms. That elastic line makes it possible to imagine how similar they are and sets up jokes about setbacks (like peeing at the wrong time) and getting treats. 

There is a genuine affection at work here. Certainly, this comic's tone is light-hearted, but it's also sincere in the way dogs are drawn and how much attention is given to them. That said, it's mostly notable for Mihailova's clever use of color and delightfully warped figure drawings. It's a small celebration and acknowledgment of just how much humans and animals can affect each other. 

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