Sunday, September 27, 2020

Minis: Madeleine Aguilar

In Luteboy: How About That Weather, Madeleine Aguilar returns with more gently sardonic adventures of her medieval sensitive artist character. Luteboy is a gentle fool; even in his most arrogant moments, he's so ridiculous that his friends are willing to put up with him. In "Luteboy and the Greeting," for example, his friends Timotheus and the Princess remark on the frequency with which he says hi to them every day. What's funny about this is that Luteboy is entirely unaware of his actions. Despite his annoying moments, his friends genuinely love him because of that gentle, generous spirit. He may have no understanding of social cues and personal space, but there's something about his relentless willingness to feel all of his emotions fully all of the time that makes him a sympathetic figure. Aguilar's thin, expressive line and minimalist backgrounds are all in service to the characters and their emotions.

Madeleine by Madeleine contains a series of images of the artist going about her day: reading, skateboarding, drawing, drinking tea, etc. When the comic is unfolded, there is a larger image of Aguilar going through a door. This is a clever little experiment of a mini that serves to open up her world just a bit to the reader while allowing her to engage in formal play.

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