Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fundraisers of Note: Autoptic, Sophie Goldstein, Ibrahim Ineke

Let's take a look at some fundraisers of note. First off, the Autoptic festival in Minneapolis (which I helped to program) will return in 2015 as a two-day show. However, the rent for their venue will quadruple (from $1500 to $9000) as a result. Today, they are starting a two week fundraiser with the fairly modest goal as a way of generating money for a deposit. This was a tremendous comics show that was all about spotlighting and celebrating culture as a whole in Minneapolis.

Sophie Goldstein is raising money to do a print version of her popular webcomic, Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell. It's nearly at its goal just a few days into the fundraiser, but there's time to put it over the top, with a number of modestly-priced incentives.

This one isn't a fundraiser; rather it's a subscription offer from the fine Dutch horror artist Ibrahim Ineke. He's offering a six-issue subscription to his Blackbook series for $36 bucks. I've long enjoyed and admired his restrained, cerebral approach to horror, especially in the way he uses light and dark as effects.

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