Tuesday, March 7, 2023

31 Days of CCS, 2022: The Index

Here's a complete list of every 31 Days Of CCS entry that I did for 2022. The last entry was just finished recently, but I backdated them all to December of 2022. Enjoy, and thanks to all of the cartoonists who participated!

1. Annabel Druissi. 

2. Erika Bloomdahl

3. Daryl Seitchick.

4. Faith Cox.

5. The Ladybroad Ledger #5

6. King Ray.

7. Gabrielle Tinnirello, Carl Antonowicz, and Reilly Hadden.

8. Rachel Bivens and Emil O'Melia.

9. Robyn Smith and The Mesozine #2.

10. Leise Hook and J.D. Lunt. 

11. Ivy Lynn Allie, Mercedes Campos Lopez, and Meg Selkey.

12. Dan Nott and Sofia Lesage.

13. Kevin Reilly and Mac MacLean.

14. Lillie J. Harris and Coco Fox

15. Rebecca Schuchat and Juniper Kim.

16. Quinn Thomson and Sam Nakahira.

17. Aaron Cockle and Bryan Stone

18. Anna McGlynn and Chuck Forsman

19. Andi Santagata and Beth Hetland

20. Sam Held, Isabella M. Hall, and Colleen Frakes. 

21. David Yoder and Amy Burns

22. Kit Anderson and Andy Lindquist.

23. Masha Zhdanova and April Malig.

24. Michael Sweater and Good Boy!

25. Andy Warner.

26. Fantology Vol 3

27. Kristen Shull.

28. Leeah Swift.

29. Filipa Estrela.

30. Bread Tarleton.

31. Rust Belt Review 2-4

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