Monday, July 5, 2010

TCJ (and other) Entries For June

Here's a rundown of links from my recent work for The Comics Journal and the Poopsheet Foundation:

Flesh and Bone, by Julia Grfrorer.

Minicomics from Dina Kelberman and Derik Badman.

Super Spy: The Lost Dossiers, by Matt Kindt.

Yasha Lizard #1 & #2, by Kristina Stipetic.

New comics from Ed Choy Moorman.

New comics from Tom Neely and Sam Henderson.

Dungeon Quest, by Joe Daly.

Undeleted Scenes, by Jeffrey Brown.

New comics from Melissa Mendes.

Smile, by Raina Telgemeier.

Minicomics by Maggie Morrill.

Minicomics from Jason Viola, Josh Latta and David Z Greene.

The Honduran Coup, by Dan Archer.

Minis from Jon Chad and Sophia Wiedeman.

Minis from Aaron Cockle and JT Yost.

Tranz, by William Cardini.

Reich #7, by Elijah Brubaker.

American, Eh? #1-4, by Heather Bryant.