Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TCJ Entries For September

For those still following my articles through this blog, here are my TCJ reviews and other features for September:

Diario De Oaxaca, by Peter Kuper.

Drinking At The Movies, by Julia Wertz.

Set To Sea, by Drew Weing.

New comics from Colleen Frakes & Alex Kim.

Go For The Gold, a sketchbook from the Meathaus collective.

The comics anthology Nymphomomena.

New volumes of Bone and Amulet, by Jeff Smith and Kazu Kibuishi, respectively.

The fourth volume of Frank King's Walt & Skeezix.

The first three issues of Bob Oxman's minicomics series Smuttynose.

Parts one, two and three of a career-spanning interview with Steve Lafler.

The fourth and fifth issues of Morgan Pielli's Indestructible Universe Quarterly.

The Axe-Man of New Orleans, by Rick Geary.

How I Made It To Eighteen, by Tracy White.

El Vocho, by Steve Lafler.

A minicomics round-up featuring comics by Dina Kelberman, Kyle Baddeley and Desmond Reed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

TCJ Entries For August

Here are my latest columns and reviews from The Comics Journal:

The Minicomics of Virginia Paine

Ganges #3, by Kevin Huizenga

Lightning Round: short reviews of comics by Greg Carter & Stephanie O'Donnell; Ibrahim Ineke; Kyle Baddeley; and Rob Jackson.

Nurse Nurse #6 and Troop 142 #4, by Katie Skelly & Mike Dawson, respectively.

The Living Cain, by Lydia Conklin

Revolver, by Matt Kindt

The first two issues of the Supertalk anthology

Wilson, by Daniel Clowes

Melvin Monster Volume 2, by John Stanley

Second Thoughts, by Niklas Asker

Elephant Man #1, by Greg Houston

These Things Happen #3 and #4, by Sam Carbaugh

An Evening at Chapel Hill Comics

Dance After Dark and Rapt Attention, by Laura Terry & Penina Gal, respectively.

The CCS Anthology Werewolf!!

The Complete Peanuts, 1977-1978, by Charles Schulz.

Diario De Oaxaca, by Peter Kuper.