Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two Highly Worthy Fundraisers: Mike Dawson and Tom Spurgeon

I first of all want to thank everyone who donated to this website after my fundraising call. Your donations made a bigger impact than you can even imagine.

One of the people who beat the drum loudest on my behalf, without even asking him, is Tom Spurgeon. Tom is one of the key figures in comics coverage, with his Comics Reporter an invaluable part of comics culture and a nexus for alt-comics links, news and commentary in particular. When I became fully invested in my career as a critic nearly a decade ago (!), I reached out to Tom for advice and he was generous with his time. His linking to my work has been a crucial part of growing my audience. Tom is looking to get back to what he does best: write about comics. To that end, he has set up a Patreon account to help him fund the time he needs to make this goal happen. Please consider becoming one of his patrons.

The excellent and thoughtful cartoonist Mike Dawson has been doing all sorts of personal strips about being a father, political issues and more on his own site as well as other sites for the last year or two. He's ready to self-publish this work and has set up a kickstarter to this end. Please consider donating to that kickstarter, because I really want to see his book Rules For Dating My Daughter become a reality.

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