Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two Fundraising Projects Of Interest

Here's a couple of links to some potential projects that I find interesting. First up is a British anthology called Sorry Entertainer. It's edited by Simon Moreton and will include work by Rob Jackson, Lauren Barnett, Noah Van Sciver, David Z. Greene, Thom Ferrier and other cartoonists whose work I've reviewed in the past. This will be a newspaper broadsheet anthology, an approach I happen to like quite a bit.

The other project of interest is The Ruined Cast, an animated feature by Dash Shaw. Essentially, they're raising money to raise money--they need to get a viable film done before they present it to real financiers for more extensive distribution. Anyone who's read my work knows how highly I think of Dash and his vision as an artist, so I would recommend taking a look. The project is currently about halfway funded.

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