Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Content On High-Low

A site announcement: starting tomorrow, I will be republishing some of my favorite reviews and features from my old column. Since that site crashed over two years ago, three years worth of my work disappeared. I've been able to recover a good bit of it, and I plan to republish an old article twice a week. When possible, I'll repost articles relevant to my current work at Tomorrow, I'll republish my first review of the books from the Fantagraphics/Coconino Press Ignatz series. Tuesday, I'll publish another Ignatz review.

Speaking of, there are major changes coming to that site on March 1st. I will continue to write for that site, but there will be timing, content and format changes ahead for me. Instead of blogging three times a week, I will be doing a monthly minicomics column and weekly reviews of other material. That's not quite enough to contain my usual writing output, so I will also be writing a new feature for High-Low once a week. I'll be focusing in on slightly older works from my review stack that I haven't quite gotten around to.

Anyone who's still following my work but abandoned TCJ for whatever reason (formatting, design, the content of other writers), please consider giving it another try starting in March. Without revealing details, I think readers will be very pleasantly surprised at the breadth and depth of the new roster of talent. I will continue to post link to tcj on this site. Thanks for reading.

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