Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TCJ Entries For October

Here are links to my TCJ output in October:

Solipsistic Pop, volume 2, edited by Tom Humberstone.

Three, edited by Robert Kirby.

A minicomics roundup featuring Mike Dawson, Emi Gennis & Jonathan Baylis (& collaborators).

Memory Foam, by Toby Jones.

Mome, Volume 19, edited by Eric Reynolds.

New issues of Tragic Relief, by Colleen Frakes.

Minis from Holly Foltz & Lena Chandhok.

The CCS anthology Future, edited by Emily Wieja.

Minis from Aaron Cockle, Pat Barrett and Paul Swartz

Minis from Max de Radigues & Tim Stout

Abortion Andy: Baby Steps, by G.P. Bonesteel

Comics by Katherine Roy & Ross Wood Studlar.

The CCS anthology Tales From San Papel, edited by Nomi Kane.

Comics from Matt Aucoin & Betsey Swardlick

The minicomics of JP Coovert

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