Friday, April 2, 2010

TCJ Entries for March

Here's a set of links to my articles posted at for the month of March.

Two minis from Colleen Frakes

Lewis Trondheim's LITTLE NOTHINGS 3

Lewis Trondheim & Fabrice Parme's TINY TYRANT 2

Shane White's THINGS UNDONE.

Various minicomics from Sam Spina.

Naomi Nowak's GRAYLIGHT

Anders Nilsens BIG QUESTIONS #12 and #13.

James Thurber's THE OWL IN THE ATTIC.

Jess Smart Smiley's A MAP IN THE DIRT.

Minis from Dina Kelberman & Lauren Barnett.

Nadja Spiegelman & Trade Loeffler's Toon Book entry, ZIG AND WIKKI.

Iain Laurie's POWWKIPSIE.

Michael Aushenker's CARTOON FLOPHOUSE.

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