Saturday, November 28, 2009

High-Low and the Comics Journal

Beginning in December, I'll be part of the new blogging team at the Comics Journal's new, expanded website presence. The site goes live on December 1st, and I'll have new blog entries on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. TCJ's blog posts are 500 words and under; regular readers of this column know that I'm rarely that terse. So my minicomics reviews will likely be chopped up a bit more, and my longer reviews will be featured on the front page of the new I will continue to post links from here to the new page whenever I have a new article up, and will probably post things here from time to time. Thanks to everyone who has kept up with my writings here and at I'm greatly looking forward to being part of the new TCJ team. One of my first articles I intend to publish will be one I've been shopping around for nearly two years, so I'm excited it'll finally see the light of day.


  1. Congratulations, Rob! Looking forward to reading your articles and reviews on TCJ.

  2. Thanks, everyone! By the by, Colleen, my first set of blog posts next week will be on recent CCS anthologies.

  3. This is awesome, rob! this has always been a regular stop for me and am excited to see you be a part of the new TCJ. Congratulations!