Monday, March 21, 2011

TCJ Entries For February

This will be the last collective posts for my articles that appear on; since I'll have fewer articles on there from now on, I'll post an individual link to each one.

That said, here's the farewell tour:

Tubby, by John Stanley & Lloyd White.

Solipsistic Pop V3, edited by Tom Humberstone.

Nipper, by Doug Wright.

Miscellaneous Comics by Desmond Reed, Dina Kelberman, and Kel Crum, as well as comics edited by Lydia Conklin & Josh Blair.

Mineshaft #26, edited by Everett Rand & Gioia Palmieri

Comics-as-poetry 1: Jason T Miles, Aaron Cockle.

Comics-as-poetry 2: Malcy Duff, L.Nichols.

The Broadcast, by Eric Hobbs.

Ignatz 1: Sammy The Mouse #3, by Zak Sally.

Ignatz 2: Niger #3, by Leila Marzocchi.

Ignatz 3: Grotesque #4, by Sergio Ponchionne.

Ignatz 4: Interiorae #4, by Gabriella Giandelli.

Twilight of the Assholes, by Tim Kreider.

Lewis and Clark, by Nick Bertozzi.

Freewheel V2, by Liz Baillie.

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