Monday, January 31, 2011

January Posts for TCJ

1-800-MICE #5, by Matthew Thurber.

The Whale, by Aidan Koch.

Mini-comics by Jonathan Baylis, Francois Vigneault, and Erich Fletschinger.

Mini-comics by Sacha Mardou, Kyle Baddeley, and Ryan Cecil Smith.

Eden, by Pablo Holmberg.

Hotwire Volume 3, edited by Glenn Head.

World War III Illustrated #41 and Borderland (by Dan Archer & Olga Trusova).

Palookaville #20, by Seth.

Berlin #17, by Jason Lutes.

Big Questions #15, by Anders Nilsen.

TCJ Slush Pile, featuring comics by Jonathan Wayshak, C. Che' Salazar, Andrew Abbott, Phonzie Davis, Nick Jeffrey, and Si-Yeon Min.

Scenes From An Impending Marriage, by Adrian Tomine.

Curio Cabinet, by John Brodowski.

Mini-comics by Noel Freibert, Alexis Frederick-Frost and Sean Ford.

Nancy, Volume 2, by John Stanley.

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